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Welcome to our Pu Erh Tea collection, featuring premium teas from the renowned region Yiwu, the hometown of Pu'er tea in Yunnan.

What is Pu Erh Tea?

Pu Erh tea, also known as pu'er tea, is a unique type of fermented tea from Yunnan Province, China. It comes in two main types: raw (Sheng) and ripe (Shou). The tea is made from the leaves of ancient tea trees and undergoes a special fermentation process, enhancing its flavour over time. Known for its rich, earthy taste, Pu Erh tea can be found in compressed cakes or loose-leaf forms.

Does Pu Erh Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes, Pu Erh tea contains caffeine. The amount varies depending on the type, age, and brewing method. We recommend drinking Pu Erh tea in the morning or early afternoon if you're sensitive to caffeine.

Is Pu Erh Tea Good for You?

Yes! Scientific studies support these benefits:
Improves digestion
Lowers cholesterol
Boosts energy and focus
Supports detoxification
Pu Erh Tea Collection

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