Collection: How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea: A Simple Summer Guide

Following the excitement of the Taste of Summer, continue to relish the season with our easy-to-follow cold brew tea instructions. Our cold brew method is perfect for those relaxing summer days and evenings.

What You'll Need:

  • Your choice of tea (perfect for our special selection)
  • Room temperature water
  • A clean, sealable container or bottle
  • A refrigerator


1. Measure Your Tea: Use 1 gram of tea for every 200 milliliters of water. For a 400ml glass, that's about 2 grams of tea.

2. Add Tea to Your Container: Put the tea in your sealable container.

3. Add Water: Fill with water at room temperature. Tap water is fine, but filtered water is best for a great taste.

4. Refrigerate: Close your container tightly and refrigerate. This brew time is just right for a refreshing taste.

5. Serve & Enjoy: Once it's ready, you can drink your cold brew straight or pour it over ice for an extra chill.

Enjoying Your Cold Brew:

Our cold brew tea is naturally refreshing, so no need for added sweeteners, lemon, or mint. Non-caffeinated options are perfect for a relaxing evening.

Cold Brew Tea

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