Collection: Black Tea

Welcome to our Chinese Black Tea collection!
We often receive many questions about black tea when working in our tea bar. Here are some common questions and answers to help you better understand black tea.

Is Black Tea Good for Health?

Yes! After reading and researching numerous papers, we found that scientific studies support these benefits.
  • Rich in antioxidants (generally lower than green tea)
  • Contribute to cardiovascular health
  • Support metabolic health,
  • Enhance cognitive function.
For the best results, we recommend enjoying loose-leaf black tea, which contains higher concentrations of these beneficial compounds.

Does Black Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes, black tea has a higher level of caffeine compared to other teas. We recommend drinking black tea before 2 PM to avoid influencing your sleep. Heavy tea drinkers can ignore this. 😄

Should You Have Milk with Black Tea?

Traditionally, we don't drink loose leaf black tea with milk.

How to Make Black Tea?

Please follow the detailed brewing instructions provided on the product page or our packaging.


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