Tea Bar @ Hobart

Discover Our Teas and Teawares

Welcome to our tea bar! We offer a selection of premium Chinese and locally sourced Tasmanian teas. Located in the Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, our tea bar is the perfect place to find quality teas and beautiful tea wares, including glass teapots and traditional Gongfu tea sets.

Afternoon Tea in Hobart? 

Our tea bar provides a calming environment, ideal for enjoying tea with friends or taking a moment to unwind alone. If you like exploring new types of afternoon tea, our Gongfu tea might be a great choice. Unlike traditional high tea, our authentic Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony lets you and your friends slow down, enjoy the calm, and brew tea together in a peaceful setting.

Find Us

Whether you're a seasoned tea lover or just starting your journey into Gongfu tea, you'll find something to love here. To find us easily, search "A Moment Of Tea" on your maps. No reservation needed—just walk in and join us for a relaxing and welcoming tea experience.

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Opening hours:

Mon ┉11am–5pm
Tue ┉ 11am–5pm
Wed ┉ 11am–5pm
Thu ┉ 11am–5pm
Fri ┉ 11am–5pm
Sat ┉ 10am–3pm
Sun ┉ 11am–4pm