A Journey Through Tea Workshop

Learn the 6 elements that make a tea ceremony a special occasion.

  1. People - The person brewing the tea is crucial. What are the best ways to present a cup of tea?
  2. ​Tea - Different teas come from different places and different makers. For different seasons and moods, it is crucial to choose the right tea for the right person.
  3. Water - Explore the source of water, temperature, and the pots used to boil water to bring changes to the tea.
  4. Ware - explore the changes brought by different pots, pourers and cups.
  5. ​Art - finding out the brewing techniques and skills that are suitable for different teas.
  6. ​Environment - Consider the environmental factors that affect how people experience the tea. Light, colour, sound and picture, flowers and incense can all add to the atmosphere.


  • Price

    $590 per-person.

  • Duration

    Seven weekly two-hour sessions.

  • Participants

    For groups of 2-4

Perfectly organize a tea ceremony to treat your friends and family.


1. Systematic understanding of 6 major Chinese tea types.
2. Explore the 6 elements of the tea ceremony.
3. Skilled use of pots and gaiwan.
4. Capability to design a tea ceremony for yourself.
5. Exquisite desserts with tea.
6. Making friends who also love life!

The teas for the in-depth tasting are brewed in the Kung Fu tradition.

We are taking group bookings at the moment. The minimum number of participants for this workshop is 2.

The session will take place in our shop from 5 pm-7 pm, and the time could be adjusted according to specific circumstances.

Please contact us to book a date:

Email: amomentofteatas@gmail.com